Thank you so much for visiting the Tampa Indie Author Book Convention!

The event is being held at the Chic Venue in Tampa.




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We have now confirmed that the date will be July 16th, 2017. We will be having the signing from 12pm-6pm. Sunday night we will have an after party with an open bar and good food for the authors and guests that have purchased VIP passes from 7pm-12am.

If you are an author that would like to attend and get a table reserved, please fill out this form HERE so that we can send you an invoice. (All invoices will come from Samantha Smith)

If you are a reader, fan, or would just like to attend this event and meet authors, please fill out this form HERE so we can reserve your place! (All invoices will come from Samantha Smith)

Thank you all for considering us for 2017, we look forward to seeing you there!


We also have a Facebook page here.


We are a group of indie authors organizing a book convention/signing for 2017 that will be held in Tampa, Florida. We take being indie very seriously and want our family to grow. There aren’t a lot of big conventions this far south, and we want to change that. Florida is a beautiful state, and Tampa is breathtaking. We want to bring YOU here, and have you connect with our readers. If this sounds like something that interests you, please fill out our forms above.

Authors attending so far:

Kyle Perkins


Find his work here.

Lila Vale


Find her work here.

Virginia Johnson


Find her work here.

Bonny Capps


Find her work here.

Julia Clare


Find her work here.

Don Massenzio


Find his work here.

Harmony Stalter


Find her work here.

Taylor Rose


Find her work here.

Adam Reese


Find his work here.

M.C.A. Hogarth


Find her work here.

Yecheilyah Ysrayl

Author Photo.jpg

Find her work here.

Patricia Salamone

PATTI (2).jpg

Find her work here.

Cara Bristol


Find her work here.

Erin Trejo


Find her work here.

Belea T. Keeney

Belea T. Keeney and friend.JPG

Find her work here.

J.A. Sutherland

150216 Caraciture Large.jpg

Find his work here.

Ashlee Taylor


Find her work here.

Jesse Cougot


Find his work here.

Jessica Goodwin


Find her work here.

Valerie Puri


Find her work here.

A. E. Howe


Find his work here.

Tamara Lush


Find her work here.

Charlee Allden


Find her work here.

Annie Buff


Find her work here.

Pandora Spocks


Find her work here.

David S. Scott


Find his work here.

Elyse Reyes


Find her work here.

KM Thompson


Find her work here.

LM Bush


Find her work here.

Jeanette Lynn Dundas


Find her work here.

Douglas McLeod


Find his work here.

Ashley Freeman


Find her work here.

Virginia McKevitt


Find her work here.

Kelly St. Clare


Find her work here.

TM Brown


Find her work here.

Amy Cecil


Find her work here.

RL Weeks


Find her work here.

Odessa Gillespie Black


Find her work here.

Michelle Lynn

unnamed (5)

Find her work here.

Bethany Wicker


Find her work here.

Latiesha Cook


Find her work here.

Nicole Canfield


Find her work here.

Anna Bishop Barker


Find her work here.

Lisa Colodny


Find her work here.

Dan Alatorre


Find his work here.

 Dalia Lance


Find her work here.

Kelly Abell


Find her work here.

Elena Soto


Find her work here.

Kathy Williams

Gasparilla Expo 2014 Storm Trooper and me.jpg

Find her work here.

Bill Liggins

Bill Pix 2a

Find his work here.

Tamalyn E Scott


Find her work here.

Guide to TIABC

Guide to TIABC

The Tampa Indie Book Convention is quickly approaching. With that, we wanted to give you a little more information in regards to the actual event itself. We have been transparent through the entire planning process, along with the marketing strategy that we have in place. Now is the time that we want you to be prepared and expect no surprises. Some of the questions that we have received would be beneficial to all of you, to ensure the global message is being delivered. Keep in mind that we are not only accommodating almost 50 authors, but we need to make sure that our readers are anticipating the event as well.

What you can expect from your hosts (Kyle Perkins and Virginia Johnson)

  • Table arrangements – With the layout of the venue and the size of the tables, we will be providing everyone with enough room to display your books and swag. We contemplated numerous ways to ensure maximum exposure for every author and still allow the desired space for maximum marketing opportunity. 10’ round tables will be split between 2 authors. We guarantee enough space for both of you.
  • Table coverings – White table cloths will be provided. You may decide not to use a table cloth and take advantage of the LED lighting within the table itself.
  • Seating at your table – Seating will be assigned for yourself and a guest or PA, if they have been pre-paid for. This is imperative to ensure the correct amount of space is delegated to you as the author and your guest.
  • Paid Author Fees – To stay consistent, we will ensure that only authors that have reserved their table and paid the table fees will be allowed to sign at the event. Your guests and PA’s are encouraged to help you to market your book but there will only be 1 signing author per paid fee. Additional authors will be responsible for the entire table fee as an author.
  • Marketing and advertising – We have marketed to book stores, libraries and coffee shops within the Tampa area. Our next campaign will be hotels and tourist sites willing to post and distribute flyers during the weekend of TIABC. Post have been made to local blog and forum websites specifically directed to readers of all genres. Press releases will be sent to local radio and television within the next couple of weeks.
  • Banner space – Regardless of standing or table-top banners, we will ensure that you have a reasonable amount of space to display it. If you have a banner that may require a substantial amount of room, please contact Virginia to ensure proper seating arrangements will be made.
  • Contact and support – We will be available for any questions and concerns that you may have during the event. There will be a designated staging area to quickly locate one of us in the event that we are needed.


What an author can expect –

  • Advertising – We cannot make this happen alone. We need your excitement and sharing! Get your readers excited to come visit you! There are more readers out there that will travel to see you than you might expect, let them know where you will be!
  • Table coverings – You are welcome to bring your own table decorations and tablecloths. We want you to showcase your work and your personality at this event. We have been asked about everything from balloons to giveaways – You can bring anything to display that will encourage readers to visit your table.
  • Swag – You are responsible for your own giveaways. Providing bookmarks, magnets, keychains – Anything! Readers love to collect swag at events. To encourage sales, you may want to have select swag for buyers only. *food for thought*
  • Books – You are encouraged to bring paperbacks with you to the event. That is the main purpose of this convention. Quantities will vary based on the number of books that you have available and the necessary need. Most authors bring their most recent or best-selling to the events. In the event that you sell out of a title, you may want to have a back-up plan in place. Set up a pre-order doc or sell and ship after the convention.
  • Pricing – You control you own pricing based on the book. In the past, authors usually offer their books at a set price or in package deals. $10 for 1, $18 for 2, $25 for 3. This seems to be very effective. Also, consider having a budget based book available to introduce yourself to new readers.
  • Payments – We will not have cash on hand as hosts. You will be responsible for having the appropriate amount of change to make your transactions. PayPal and Square are great tools for credit card transactions. Square allows you to swipe a credit card in person.
  • Timeline of the event – The venue will be accessible to authors at 11:15 am on the day of the event. Readers will be allowed in at 12pm. The after party begins at 7pm. The signing ends at 6pm – You will have ample time to clean up and be ready to party. Any questions in regards to the timeline, please contact Virginia.
  • Contact Info – Closer to the event, you will be provided contact info for Virginia Johnson – including email, text and phone capabilities.


What a reader can expect –

  • Authors – There will be authors that you are following as well as authors that are new to you. You will have to ability to purchase paperbacks from the attending authors. We encourage you to stop by every table to discover new books and imaginations!
  • VIP – VIP access is available, guaranteeing you admission to the convention and a ticket to the after party! The after party will include food and beverages. Open bar is included in the $30 ticket price! Complete the form below to purchase your ticket!

  • BOOKS!! – Authors will be offering paperbacks to purchase. This is a great time to buy books to save you money in shipping! Many authors offer great deals on their books. Pricing may be less expensive, too! Come prepared to stock up on some of your favorites as well as new and exciting release!
  • Friends! – Although, authors are the main draw to any book convention, many readers meet their on-line friends for the first time in person at book conventions. Start thinking about who you would like to meet and INVITE THEM!!


We hope that this gives you a little insight as to what we expect of the TIABC and look forward to seeing you all there!

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