News about the venue!


Okay guys, we only have about half the money we need for the venue deposit. If you want to come and can afford to pay for your table or VIP ticket now, please do. We want to reserve this venue so that it’s set in stone. We now have a contract in place for the 14th-16th, but we still have to put down the deposit to ensure those days.

Please help us spread the word! We will be doing all we can to market this event and will be advertising on local websites, radio, and any other avenue we find as we approach the dates. Once we have the deposit, we’ll be good to go and can start working on the event theme, and updating the site with local hotels, things to do in the area, and start advertising hard.

*Remember, even if you filled out the interest form, you need to fill out the new author form*

Look forward to seeing you guys, and thank you to those that have already paid!


6 thoughts on “News about the venue!

    1. It’s done by space, so I don’t have an estimate yet, until we have all of the authors fully booked. Once we have all of the authors we’re going to have(Thinking about 50), we will know how many readers we can rotate in on the signing. The VIP tickets will definitely be limited due to space.


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