Major update to the venue and site!

Virginia and I did a tour of the place we originally considered for the event and found that it may not be able to hold all of the people we are planning to attend. Now, while CL Space was a great location, we found an even better one that will meet our needs for the event. We will now be going with Chic-Venue in Tampa. We sign the contract tonight with them, and the venue is a major upgrade. (You can see the details on the main page)

A lot of people have signed up for this event and are coming from around the world. To make it easier on everyone, especially locals, we have decided to make the event a one day event, with the option of a meet and greet on Saturday. This will cut down the cost of hotels for people traveling from around the world, and make it a simple drive for locals. This cuts down the cost for guests attending, as well as the authors themselves. Plus, a three day event may have been too ambitious. Most of us just want to attend the event and go home the next day and get back to writing.

We are looking forward to meeting and seeing you all in July. This place is beautiful and it is going to be so much fun!

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