Show time!

Well, it has been a long wait, but it’s finally here! The event begins tomorrow at noon, in the beautiful Chic Venue.

Can you even wrap your mind around how sick this place looks? If you can, give yourself a pat on the back. The three of us all tried wrapping our mind around it, and 3/3 of us failed.

Tonight, we have the meet and greet at 6pm, which will be taking place at the legendary¬†Skipper’s Smokehouse.

^”This guy came to the restaurant” legendary.

We would like to thank everyone that helped us make this possible, and look forward to hanging out with our loyal fans, as well as the people that stuck by us and were willing to give this thing a chance. We appreciate you guys a ton!

Food and drinks will be provided for the after party, and we will have security on scene. We have some Florida favorites, like subs and boiled peanuts. We’ll also be providing numbers for cab services around the area, in case people take full advantage of the open bar. =) (Of course, Uber is an option).

We visited the venue on Thursday, and the owner made some pretty cool upgrades to the venue itself and the lighting since we first took pics, and we’re excited for everyone to see them. However, I won’t ruin the surprises. Our bartender informed us that we have one of the absolute best venues in the Tampa area for this sort of thing, and after the time we put into finding it, we were stoked to hear that.

This will not be a totally traditional signing, as a couple of us have never been to a signing, or hosted one. So, it will be something completely new and refreshing. We hope everyone has a good time! We want to make it memorable so that next year is even bigger.

We have relied heavily on word of mouth and guerrilla marketing, so if you’re an attending author, please put the word out about Sunday! We want as many people to come as possible. Let’s not let this open bar go to waste. Thanks, everyone!

Kyle, Lila, and Virginia.



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